Meet the Band Members!

Hal Fairbanks is the founder, sole continuous and original member, drummer, manager and cranky curmudgeon for the band.     So its basically all his fault.

He and Jimi are the only 'Educators', the rest of us work all summer.  And despite his advanced age, Hal pole-vaults for fun.

Angelo Ramone is the Man.  He's the man 24X7, uptown, downtown, he's the man when he's laying it, and he's the man when he's playing it.   So don't even think about calling me the man no more, okay, cause everybody knows Angelo is the Man.   Peace Out.

And he has never worn a wedding dress to any gigs.

Larry Germain - is the very heart, soul and backbone of our rythym section, who owes his funky success to Dr.Bootsy who slapped him on the One at birth.

He's been seriously funky ever since.  

Jimi Battoglia adds luster to the rythym section and dirty lyrics to the vocals.   He knows Hal from Back In The Day in Rochester, also is the only band member who tapes his fingers before every performance the exact same way the Randy 'Macho Man' Savage taped his.    Oh Yeah.

Seriously, if you think this is easy, just YOU try pounding your fists on a drum for 8 sets a weekend, and see if you can feel them again before Wednesday.  

When it comes to guitars, Tony Waite is about as serious as your 4th Heart Attack.   Possessing the finest hardware, and plays with a fierce yet, inventive melodic passion.  

Whats best: he doesn't wear purple spandex lizard-skin pants.  Like some guitar players we know.


Marcus Fussell is the latest addition to the Educators, replacing the late Bobby Miceli who spontaneously combusted in June 2001.

Marcus is a demon on those keys, he knows all the signature licks and has the best B3 sound ever produced in a keyboard that weighs less than Turner Stadium.

Johnny Stingray.
Rock star.
*** teen idol ***
a legend in his own mind.
His playing is really alot better than it sounds.