Band History

In the Beginning was "Word Up"....

The band started back in 1993 when Hal came up with the idea for a 70's soul, funk, R&B and disco band that would play music that was popular, dance oriented, and that no other bands were playing.   The first problem was finding a singer who could entertain the crowd as well as sing. Hal would be the drummer, longtime friend Jimmy would play conga's and percussion, and Brian (Skinny) would be a great choice for a guitar player.

At this time Hal and Brian were playing together in a country band. We knew enough musicians to fill in the other positions (bass and keyboards) we just needed a singer. One day while sitting at The Highlander, in Midtown, having a beer, or two, Hal and Jimmy met Howard Rogers. Howard was an instant friend, but it wasn't until Hal and Howard were out in Buckhead that Hal heard someone singing with the band. "What a great voice", he said. When he looked up it was Howard hamming it up on stage.

The next morning Hal called Jimmy and said "I found our singer". Then Hal called Allen to play keyboards but Allen had sold all his keyboard equipment and was now playing the bass, so he was now our bass player. He called Rob, who he had sold his keyboard equipment, and Rob wanted in. So now we had a band, but could we get enough songs ready to play out? Would people like what we played? We still needed a name. After throwing around many rejected names Howard came up with The Educators and the band became known as:           "Howard Rogers and The  Educators"    

Here's a photo of Howard: 

The band was a hit, people loved hearing a band play different music for a change. Most of all they loved Howard and his on stage antics. The band went on for about a year and a half with some member changes, and then just after the new year of 1995 tragedy struck, Howard died in his sleep. Hal decided that the band must go on.

Original band members:  Hal-Drums, Jimmy- Percussion, Alan- Bass, Rob-Keyboards, Brian-Guitar, Howard-Vocals

After about six months, Alan left and was replaced by Dave on Bass. Dave was with us for a short time, then Alan returned.   Late in 93 Jimmy left the band and Ted took over on percussion. Shortly after that Howard passed beyond this mortal coil (died) and was replaced By Maxwell.   Then Alan left again and was replaced by Russ Johnson. Then Maxwell left and was replaced by Jeffrey. 

Later that year Ted and Brian decided to do other things, so two guitar players were added, Johnny Stingray and John Stockdale. This was the 'Russ Johnson' era, a defining period for the band, we typically played Buckhead bars twice a month, usually starting at 11pm and playing until they shut the doors. It was crazy and great. We were playing the Metro PIzza the night the Braves finally won the first world series ever, and it was an unforgettable and loony night! This configuration lasted for about a year, until "creative artistic differences" split the band; Hal and Rob decided to start over and get new guys.    This is when for a short time there were two bands, The Educators and The New Educators.

Under the 'New" bandname, Hal and Rob got Jimmy B.  back on percussion, Bernie on bass, Noel on Guitar, and Adam to front the band on vocals.  Bernie lasted about six months, until just after the Olympics and then was replaced by Larry.  A little while later Rob decided to call it quits, and devote his full attention to a successful career as a porn star.

So we found a new keyboard player named Norwood who lasted for a few months, and was replaced by Greg . He didn't last very long and about the same time Adam decided to leave, so we found Hoyt to play Keyboards and Angelo to sing. Now you are up to date with the picture on the homepage of the Website. Since then, Larry left so we found Todd. Hoyt and Noel left so we found Owen and Dave. Dave left so we found Rick.

And now Owen left so we added Bob Miceli.

(Editor's note:  Johnny Stingray, former guitar player, retooled his skills and learned sax.  He's been sitting in occasionally for the last few years

In the current incarnation of the band, Larry has rejoined the circle, Marcus Fussell replace Bob Micelli, and Tony Waite has become the best guitarist the band has ever enjoyed.

Yes we have been through a lot of band members, Except on  Drums. Hal is the original drummer and continues to keep the band going no matter what the adversity. Jimmy is also an original member, but he did leave the band for about a year.

So after adding a new singer, five years later and about 25 other band member changes, we have what we have today.